On Friday night’s edition of his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson showed his viewers a list of celebrities whom he blamed for fuelling riots by donating to causes related to the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly funds that pay bail for people arrested during protests.

Carlson, however, didn’t see it that way. According to the right-wing host, these celebrities are “paying to get violent rioters out of jail.”

While Carlson spoke, photos of celebrities scrolled next to him, superimposed atop footage of a burning vehicle, including Chrissy Teigen (which Fox News misspelled “Tiegen”), Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Janelle Monae and numerous others.

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Carlson went even further to suggest that Lil Nas X “helped incite” riots when he encouraged his 4.7 million Twitter followers to donate to protester bail funds in several U.S. cities.

“Imagine if he’d used those followers instead to help small businesses destroyed by the riots he helped incite,” Carlson intoned.

It didn’t take the “Old Town Road” long to respond, calling out Carlson as a liar who “told millions of people on national television that i was inciting riots.”

Andy Lassner, exec producer of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, likewise slammed Carlson for lying. “Oh this man lies every night. It’s his whole job.”

Seth Rogen and Halsey, also on Carlson’s list, took a more direct approach.

Others simply mocked Carlson, including Kehlani, Rob Delaney and Patton Oswalt.

ET Canada has reached out to Fox News for comment.