Julianne Hough broke down while discussing her past Blackface controversy.

In 2013, the dancer dressed up as Crazy Eyes from “Orange Is The New Black” for Halloween, later apologizing for the move.

While hosting her Live workout on Saturday, Hough broke down with the “shame” of what she did.

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Hough said she understands that this moment isn’t about her and was “paralyzed” to speak up but admitting her mistakes can help others change.

Telling her followers to admit their shame and guilt now as well as urging others to speak up.

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Last week, Hough hosted a two-part session which included a workout and a sit-down conversation with two people of colour, Tina Jackson and Ulato Sam, who spoke of their own experiences with racism.

Hough expressed that she understands the privilege she has as a white woman and always considered herself as a “non-racist” but needs to be “anti-racist.”