A 7-year-old girl with a powerful voice and a desire for social justice has become a viral superstar.

In a video posted on Twitter, first-grader Wynta-Amor Rogers is participating in a Black Lives Matter march in New York, chanting “no justice, no peace.”

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Since it was first posted on Wednesday, the video has been seen viewed more than 22.5 million times.

In another video, she shares her thoughts on why these protests are important — even for children.

“So for my message for people,” she tells the camera. “I just want y’all to be strong, we can get through this. And whoever is like, homeless, we got you, just call us.”

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Asked why she was marching, she offered an inspiring answer.

“I just want everybody to get along,” she replied. “I want us to be a good New York community. If we get through with this, we can fight this.”