Michael B. Jordan gave a powerful speech in L.A. on Saturday at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Speaking of his past roles, Jordan referenced “Fahrenheit 451” and a producer who made him realize “the lengths the government and oppressors will go to keep knowledge out of your hands.”

“They know if we unlock this up here,” Jordan said pointing to his head. “We will be unstoppable.”

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“We have to be close to issues. That is why I love everyone out here because we have to be here together. Shoulder to shoulder,” he continued.

“We are in the heart of Hollywood right now, one of the world’s most powerful industries and I am an active member of that,” he said. ” And they need to go on notice.”

Jordan noted that his production company has an inclusion rider but the brands, productions companies, or anyone with ties to him that have “any financial ties to the police” will have to re-look at their business with the actor.

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“We need to stop hiring police….that is why I am committing to hiring all private security,” he added.

“If you have racist beliefs, if you have a racist bone in your body, if you don’t stand with me, with people who look like me then you don’t have to be with me,” Jordan said.

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The actor then named things we would like to see going forward including investing in Black staff, helping fund Black brands, supporting charities and more people voting.

“We have to continue to keep our foot on their necks,” he said while concluding. “Just know I am here with you, so let’s keep this s**t going.”

A number of prominent Black actors have also spoken up during the protests including Jay Z and John Boyega.