Spike Lee discusses Donald Trump, his new movie “Da 5 Bloods”, and more in a new interview with GQ Hype.

Lee says, when asked whether he’s confident Trump will be voted out in the upcoming presidential election, “Look, I’m not certain about anything. How do we know he’s not going to try to rig the thing again?”

He adds: “If this guy wins, the world is in peril. Not just the United States Of America. The world.”

The synopsis for Lee’s latest film “Da 5 Bloods” reads, “Four African-American vets battle the forces of man and nature when they return to Vietnam seeking the remains of their fallen squad leader and the gold fortune he helped them hide.” One of the characters calls Trump “that Klansman in the Oval Office.”

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Lee says of whether that’s how he’d describe the POTUS, “I mean, he has those tendencies. He sided with the Klan in Charlottesville. He’s sympathetic to their cause.”

The moviemaker insists Trump will “go down in history as the worst president of the United States Of America.”

Lee then says he knows a few Black people who supported Trump: “I mean, I don’t know if they voted, but, yeah, there are Black people, a very small percentage, but there are Black people who are drinking the Agent Orange Kool-Aid!”

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The director also talks about whether he’s bothered that “Da 5 Bloods” will not be seen on the big screen due to the ongoing pandemic.

“Even if it bothered me,” he shares, making a hand gesture as if to say, What am I going to do?

“I’m glad people are seeing it. And here’s the thing, and I’m not trying to be flip. The world has changed. Everybody had plans. Everybody. Plans went out the motherf**king window. Why should I be different? And what about the 100,000 people in the United States who died? They had plans. They had plans, too.”

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