Tara Reid won’t be going full “Tiger King” on us after all.

Rumours have been circulating that the actress will play Carole Baskin in a movie based on the docuseries, starring Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic, and in an interview with Us Weekly she indicated that she was “definitely in major talks.”

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But speaking to Roz and Mocha on KiSS 92.5, Reid shut down the speculation.

“It never happened,” she said, explaining that the push for her to play Baskin all came from fans who thought she’d be perfect for the role.

Asked if she has any interest in the role, though, Reid said, “I’d kill it.”

Reid also addressed the confusion stemming from an incident earlier this year in which a woman named Tara Reade accused U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden of assault.

“I got so much hate mail,” she revealed. “I was like, who the hell is Joe Biden? Because I’m so not political at all.”

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Another recent rumour involving Reid is that Meghan Markle was being eyed for a role in a movie she’s producing called “Masha’s Mushroom”.

“No, we never put that out,” Reid said, denying the story.