Karamo Brown Talks His Experience With Racism And The Black Lives Matter Movement: ‘Change Is Coming’

Karamo Brown is opening up about his personal experiences with racial injustice.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Keshia Chante, the 39-year-old “Queer Eye” star, who has been busy with the launch of his podcast “Karamo, A Podcast”, says racism is something that still “affects him daily.”

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Karamo is currently engaged to director Ian Jordan and explains, “People think that […] because I’m on television or because I am engaged to a white man that I am exempt. And it is shocking when I hear that and God knows I’ve heard that many times. I’ve heard people troll me online saying, ‘Oh, he is dating a white guy. He doesn’t understand.’ And I’m like, ‘The fact that I’m engaged to a white man does not give me some pass or take away from my experience as a Black man.'”

He adds, “And so [racism] happens every day. It happens fighting in this entertainment industry — where I’ve been to events where I’m stepping in and they’re like, ‘No, no sir. You’re not allowed here.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m one of the television personalities. I’ve been invited.’ That has happened.”

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Karamo continues, “It’s so sad that we as African-Americans in this country and worldwide — we have to feel as if we have to do certain things so that we can be seen or be not as threatening.”

Addressing the senseless killing of George Floyd on May 25 that was caught on video and shared around the world, Karamo says, “This is not normal for us to see death and brutality like this. [But] we needed to see it. Understand what I’m saying? We needed to see it, so we can galvanize people into saying, ‘See what we’ve been saying? It’s wrong.'”

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While the TV personality admits that he went through recent waves of feeling “angry, p***ed off” and in “denial”, he says that he sees positivity in “people who are trying to learn, who are trying to grow, [and] who are trying to do the work.”

Reacting to the worldwide protests in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, he adds, “To see these countries protesting on our behalf is like, ‘Oh my gosh, change is coming!’ There is a day that we can be optimistic and through this sadness, tomorrow can be better and I’m a big believer in that. And I’m not going to lose sight of that tomorrow can be better and if we keep this up worldwide, we have no choice but for a better tomorrow.”

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