Last Thursday, Kate Middleton made a virtual visit to Clouds House to see how things are going.

Clouds House is an addiction treatment centre run by Action on Addiction, a patronage of the Duchess of Cambridge. Thanks to the staff, they have found ways to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic while following guidelines.

Kate got a virtual tour of the facility from CEO Graham Beech who also told her about a YouGov poll set up by Action on Addition that “indicates that addictive behaviours are rising as a result of the pandemic.”

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Some of the results indicated a quarter of adults have been drinking more as a result of lockdown and 39 per cent “describe themselves as being in recovery from addiction reported either a reoccurrence of their addictive behaviour or a relapse in their recovery.”

Another result showed an increase in an addictive behaviour for people between the ages of 12-25.

After speaking with Beech, Kate listened to both staff and clients on everything about their concerns during coronavirus to the online Clouds aftercare service.

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Kate made her first visit to Clouds House in 2012 and has since spent time at their locations in Essex, London, Liverpool and Wiltshire.