Ludacris is profoundly moved by the calls for change following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Ludacris has mobilized on plans to assure a better future for Floyd’s daughter, as well as his own. The “Get Back” rapper spoke to CNN about his Kids Nation movement and how he plans to prop up the next generation.

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“I think what was most impactful for me [being there] was being able to see his [Floyd’s] family and hear from his family members,” Ludacris said. “It all comes back for the new generation.”

“That’s what I took from that is that we need to ensure and make sure that his children and all the children around the world have a better world to live in when they get to our age,” the “Fast and Furious” star added.

Ludacris and his collaborator Sandy Lala created a new media platform called Kid Nation. The goal of Kid Nation is to educate children about current events through music.

“This is a whole new, futuristic take on children’s entertainment and music,” he said. “I just feel like the landscape is very dated is the best word that I could use in terms of what is out for children’s music at the moment.”

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“I think on a general landscape, we have a lot of adult music that kids love to listen to,” Ludacris continued. “But there’s not enough kids music that adults also love to listen to.”

On Monday Kid Nation released its song about racial unity “Get Along” early, which starts with the line “I wish that I could make the whole world colourblind.” See a teaser of the “Get Along” video below and go to for the full video.

Kid Nation has another tune in the pipeline about hygiene called “Stay Clean”.