Miley Cyrus Takes NYC

Tonight on ET Canada, Roz catches up with Miley Cyrus in New York to dish on her new album, her newfound drive and of course, the haters!

Not afraid to speak her mind, Miley 2.0, doesn’t back down to anyone! Especially now that she’s in control of everything — from her new album, to her sexy new image! “Once I left my show I didn’t want anyone around to tell me the way that I was going to do things. I wanted to like go, make mistakes, go be who I was going to be,”; she tells Roz. “Have no one that I have to answer yes or no to and I can make my record and say “this is what I’ve made, who wants to be a part of this?”;

But what exactly keeps her motivated these days? Miley seems to have it all — fame, love and money! “The motivation is MORE MONEY! Just kidding! Just kidding,”; she jokes.

“If you don’t like me, it’s just the fact that I know the reason you hate me is because jealousy eats people from the inside out! People that are jealous and hate on me…that makes me want to work even better because they can’t take that away from me.”; Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the gold hardware she’s eyeing! “I’m trying to win a grammy!”;

And how does she feel about Cory Monteith’s sudden death? While messages of support and love are still filling Twitter feeds, Miley told Roz that she’s a little skeptical of the all that celebrity support. “People so quickly go and trend things on twitter but they don’t push the button that’s really helping,”; she says, urging people to get up and make a real difference.

Catch the full interview with Miley tonight on ET Canada — 7:30pm EST on Global TV.



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