Padma Lakshmi is calling out a line of cosmetics that “did a number” on her self-esteem when she was a child.

Taking to Twitter, the “Top Chef” host slammed Fair & Lovely, a skin-lightening cream that was introduced to the Indian market in the 1970s.

In her tweet, Lakshmi takes aim at the cream, which is marketed toward people of colour, implying they’ll be more “lovely” if their skin is less dark.

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“For years I‘ve been saying that ‘Fair & Lovely’ needs to pack their fake cosmetics and GO!!” she wrote. “Anyone else out there sick and tired of being told that fair=lovely? Because I sure as hell am.”

According to Lakshmi, she’s “been hearing that crap since my girlhood and it did a number on my self-esteem.”

Laksmi’s tweet was praised on Twitter for calling out a very subtle form of racism that has become a bone of contention with South Asians, with numerous Twitter users thanking her for illuminating the issue.