Trevor Noah tears into U.S. President Donald Trump and the police response to protesters following the death of George Floyd.

Noah called out Democrats and Republicans alike on Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Social Distancing Show”.

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Noah, 36, first teased members of the Democratic party for wearing traditional African cloth when kneeling for Floyd. They “look like extras from ‘Coming to America 2′” he roasted. The talk show host then took aim at Trump’s vehement support for U.S. police.

“Yes, 99 per cent of all police are great people,” Noah replied. “And I guess it’s just unlucky that protesters just happen to keep meeting with the bad one per cent over and over and over again. I guess those guys work a lot of overtime.”

Noah then examined Trump’s claims regarding Martin Gugino, a 75-year-old man shoved to the ground by riot police in Buffalo.

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“Instead of admitting that maybe they used excessive force and that none of them helped a person who was bleeding out on the ground, he turns around and blames the old man from that video for being an ANTIFA provocateur who busted his head open on purpose?” Noah asked.

“Let me tell you something,” Noah concluded. “If someone came up to me with a plan that involved me busting my head open on the sidewalk, I would ask them to come up with a better plan.”