Sean Penn is looking forward to revisiting Ridgemont High.

Penn, 59, joined “The Howard Stern Show” to dish on the upcoming table read for “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. The read will take place in June. The coming-of-age teen comedy-drama was released in 1982 and starred Penn as Jeff Spicoli.

It turns out, however, Penn will not read for Spicoli. Stern was visibly upset by this news and asked Penn to explain himself.

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“From the very time that I read the book, the character of Spicoli made me giggle,” Penn said. “I have an opportunity now to just sit back and see it. It won’t be actually a table read because… we’ll be little boxes on a screen, remotely together.”

“The whole thing was the brainchild of Dane Cook,” he revealed. “He is the one who put this whole thing together. I had not known Dane, I met him maybe once. He came out of the trees with a grant for us when we first started the COVID testing.”

Stern could not pry Penn’s role from the latter’s lips.

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“I will participate, I’m just not supposed to announce what part,” Penn insisted. “This is Dane Cook’s invention and he generously put it together. It’s an extraordinary group of people.”

“I think it’ll be a lot of fun and a breath of fresh air during the course of all this,” he concluded. “Sometimes I think it’s nice to have dessert with your meal.”

Penn also dished on the night he and Tom Cruise ran into John Belushi, how his daughter confronted Fidel Castro, and Penn’s reputation for being difficult.

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