Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher Talk Faith And Family In New ‘God & Country’ Episode

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are back with a third episode of their web series “God & Country”, and this week’s edition focuses on parenthood.

“Being a dad is kinda hard to explain,” says Fisher. “Everyone gives you advice about what to expect. Until you’re a dad it’s hard to explain, but it’s the greatest thing ever. It’s a lot of learning about yourself.”

Underwood revealed that she feels “very connected” with her two sons when “we have cuddles in the morning,” while Fisher said he tends to connect with his family over the dinner table.

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Segueing into a discussion of faith, Underwood recalled the time her son Isaiah told her, “I have to love God even more than you, mommy.”

Fisher also opened up about “one of my favourite moments as a dad,” when “Isaiah “got a boo-boo” and Fisher prayed over him, asking the Lord to heal him and make him feel better.

About two weeks later, they were in Ottawa during Underwood’s tour when Fisher cut his finger. “[Isaiah] comes over, he’s like, ‘Daddy, we need to pray’… It was the coolest thing ever.”

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Underwood becomes emotional near the video’s end, offering a special message of encouragement.

“This goes for everybody everywhere: You are loved, and you are wanted,” she says.

“There are some not too great things that happen in the world, and happen within families,” she continues. “We are all flawed. Our flaws I think sometimes ripple out onto everyone else, but through everything I want the people in my life to know that they are loved by God. God wouldn’t have made any of us if he didn’t want us. That’s part of my purpose in the world… if I can just make everyone feel that they are loved. I feel like that’s my job.”

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