Lars Ulrich had the best surprise for a Long Island nurse as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s #HealthCareHero segment Wednesday.

Kimmel chatted to Tracey Bednar, a pediatric ICU nurse and Metallica superfan, with her explaining how she works with children battling COVID-19.

Speaking about what her usual day consisted of, Bednar revealed she drove 45 minutes every day to work, and coming home she would listen to Metallica, especially “Enter Sandman”, really loud in the car.

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Thanking Bednar for her work, Ulrich said: “As a father of three, I can’t thank you enough for what you do.

“I’ve been sitting here listening in for the last couple of minutes. All of us out here in San Francisco, my family and everywhere are so grateful for what you do. And thank-you for having Metallica be a part of your life and your ride home.”

The musician also promised Bednar VVVVVIP tickets to the next Metallica concert in her area, as well as dinner and drinks.

Not ending the surprises there, Ulrich also said he’d be giving Bednar a signed copy of Metallica’s new S&M2 boxset, which is set to drop in August.

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Kimmel also gave Bednar $10,000, courtesy of Big Lots, as well as gift cards for her colleagues.

See the frontline worker’s reaction in the clip above.

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