Nicolas Cage is the hardest -working actor in Hollywood, and we have the math to prove it.

Using IMDb, Fandango, and Business Insider, PartyCasino took a look at the movie projects 100 of the industry’s top stars have been involved in in the past five years. Research shows Cage comes out on top, edging out Samuel L. Jackson to claim the No. 1 position. The research looks at the number of appearances in films since 2015, up to and including the small number of films released in 2020 before the coronavirus outbreak.

Any and all films that the actors have appeared in qualify, including small cameo roles and appearances in short films and documentaries in which a person received an acting, writing, or directing credit. TV projects are excluded from the tally, meaning some of these stars are even busier than the list suggests.

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That leaves us with 27 movies featuring Cage, whose projects range from major feature films like “Snowden” to indie films like “Dog Eat Dog” and “Mandy”. As well, Cage has lent his voice to several animated projects including “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” and “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies”.

Just behind Cage is Jackon with 22 film appearances, including starring roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “The Hateful Eight”, “Kong: Skull Island”, and three cameos. In the No. 3 spot is Brad Pitt, though he’s been spending more time behind the camera as a powerhouse producer for movies like “Vice” and “Moonlight” than as an actor.

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As far as women go, Margot Robbie sits at No. 5 in the top 100 list, amassing 15 acting credits in movies like “Focus” and “I, Tonya”, as well as producing credits. Nicole Kidman clocks in at No. 9 with 15 acting roles in the past five years, including in “The Beguiled,” “Bombshell” and “Aquaman”.

When it comes to representing Canada, Ryan Reynolds finds himself at No. 42 with 12 total film credits, while our other favourite Ryan — Ryan Gosling — lands at No. 86 with six credits. Meanwhile, the hardest-working Brit is Idris Elba at No. 6 with 17 film credits in the past five years.

Check out the top 50 below. Click here to enlarge and to see the full top 100 list with a list of film credits for each actor.