Kristen Bell, Sarah Paulson, Justin Theroux & More Call On White People To Call Out Racism In ‘I Take Responsibility’ Campaign

Celebs are getting together to take some responsibility.

On Thursday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and entertainment production company Confluential Content launched the new #ITakeResponsibility campaign, encouraging white people to call out racism where they see it and support Black lives.

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In a video PSA that launched the campaign, a number of white celebs, including Julianne Moore, Kristen Bell, Sarah Paulson, Justin Theroux, Debra Messing, Ilana Glazer, Kesha, and more, all take turns saying, “I take responsibility.”

They add that they take responsibility for “every time it was easier to ignore than to call it out for what it was,” and “every not-so-funny joke, every unfair stereotype,” and “every blatant injustice, no matter how big or small.”

“I take responsibility,” Moore says. “Black people are being slaughtered in the street, killed in their own homes. These are our brothers and sisters.”

“I cannot sit idly by while this horrific moment in history plays out on our doorsteps, on our streets and on our televisions,” said Adam Platzner, partner at Confluential Content, in a statement. “I’ve heard profound words past and present, from Toni Morrison to Rihanna, wondering where their white friends are in times of need. This may be the most consequential moment in our lives and we must take action.

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Tommy Oliver, founder and CEO of Confluential Content, added, “The idea of my three young, Black boys someday inheriting the world we currently live in is an utterly terrifying prospect. Now multiply that by all of the little Black boys and little Black girls in this country who deserve a future free from oppression and excessive force. Is a PSA going to get us there? Absolutely not, but does the idea of taking responsibility have the ability to change the conversation? To shift one’s perspective? I’d like to hope so…and especially when coupled with strong calls to action and a commitment to not let this turn into a flash in the pan. We all have to do better. And that decision starts today.”

The PSA also directs viewers to resources where they can donate to the NAACP, support Campaign Zero to end police brutality, support bail funds, and more.

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