Arguably the most iconic scene in “Back to the Future” takes place when Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly takes to the stage of the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance and unleashes some guitar wizardry from a whole other era.

In a new interview with Empire, the Canadian actor reveals that he put some serious “pressure” on himself in order to make sure that scene came out just right.

“When I did the ‘Johnny B. Goode’ scene, I had a great guitar teacher who taught me how to play,” he recalls in the interview.

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“I said to [director] Bob [Zemeckis], ‘When I do this scene, I play guitar, so you can finger sync me. Feel free to cut to my hands any time you want.’ Having said that, it put pressure on me to get it f**king right. So I had this guy named Paul Hanson, who was my guitar teacher,” he added.

There was more than just guitar training involved, with Fox explaining that he also had to learn some rock god choreography to pull it off.

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”For about four weeks we worked this piece and at the same time I was working with this choreographer for Madonna,” Fox tells the magazine. “I said, ‘I dance like a duck. I can’t dance. But what I’d like to do is incorporate all the characteristics and mannerisms and quirks of my favourite guitarists, so a Pete Townshend windmill, and Jimi Hendrix behind the back, and a Chuck Berry duck walk.’ And we worked all that in, and he made it flow. It was moments like that when you don’t think, I’m tired or I feel pressure to do this. You just do it and have a blast.”

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