Norah Jones Drops Music Video For Uplifting Track ‘To Live’ To Mark New Album’s Release

Norah Jones just released the music video for her new track “To Live”.

Jones’ vid comes Friday — at the same time as her latest studio album, Pick Me Up Off The Floor.

The musician was joined by bandmembers — drummer Nate Smith, bassist Jesse Murphy, trumpeter Dave Guy and tenor saxophonist Leon Michels — in the clip, with each person performing their part from home while in quarantine.

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“If love is the answer/In front of my face/Then I’ll live in this moment/And find my true place,” Jones sings in the track.

She’s set to perform the song live on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America”.

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“Every session I’ve done, there’ve been extra songs I didn’t release, and they’ve sort of been collecting for the last two years,” Jones said of recording her latest LP.

“I became really enamored with them, having the rough mixes on my phone, listening while I walk the dog. The songs stayed stuck in my head and I realized that they had this surreal thread running through them. It feels like a fever dream taking place somewhere between God, the Devil, the heart, the Country, the planet and me.”

“Living in this country — this world — the last few years, I think there’s an underlying sense of, ‘Lift me up. Let’s get up out of this mess and try to figure some things out,'” the musician added. “If there’s a darkness to this album, it’s not meant to be an impending sense of doom, if feels more like a human longing for connection. Some of the songs that are personal also apply to the larger issues we’re all facing. And some of the songs that are about very specific larger things also feel quite personal.

“I don’t know if I was just in a zone or if this process turned it on, but I’ve felt more creative in the last year than I ever have.”

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