Jimmy Kimmel is offering a hilarious take on Donald Trump’s response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement happening across the world.

During Thursday night’s cold open on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, the host slammed the U.S. President and his economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

Kimmel hilariously called out Kudlow for answering “I do not” to the question “Do you believe there’s systemic racism against African Americans in the US?” asking, “Sir, one more question: can you name a black person?”

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He later added that Kudlow’s response was “so stupid I don’t think even Donald Trump would say it”.

“This, by the way, is the same guy who said coronavirus was ‘contained’ three months ago, and he’s still there, reporting for duty. Only the best people,” Kimmel continued.

Kimmel later addressed NASCAR’s decision to no longer allow Confederate flags at its races, “So Nascar now has done more to fight racism than the president has.”