In the current cultural climate, Kevin Bacon is advising all his fellow “old white guys” to shut their mouths and open their ears.

Promoting his new horror movie “You Should Have Left”, Bacon paid a virtual visit to Friday night’s edition of “The Tonight Show”, where he and host Jimmy Fallon discussed the ongoing protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“For an old guy like me, I was born in 1958, and to witness the passion of the young people across the world for social justice, it leaves me speechless, which is probably a good idea, because I think it’s a good time for old white guys like me to just shut up and listen. So speechless is probably a good choice,” he said.

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“I mean, I really have been trying to take this as a time to first admit that I don’t have a full understanding of the life experience of people that are different than me. And I will never have a full understanding of that,” Bacon, 61, continued.

“I’ll tell you Jimmy, I’m one of those people, like, when I was a kid I thought I knew everything. I thought I knew everything about acting, everything about music, everything about politics, everything about people,” he added. “I thought I could always understand what it was like to be other people. I had a lot of compassion. And basically I just thought I knew it all. I was a know-it-all. And the older I’ve gotten the more I realized how much there is still to learn.”

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This moment, he explained, “has been the perfect example of a good time for me to stop and learn and listen and read and just try to gain some kind of deeper understanding… Here’s the thing: I’ll never understand it ’cause when I walk out of the house I’m white. And to not have that experience and privilege is something that I want to just kind of educate myself on.”