Julianne Hough made a short appearance on Oprah’s “WW Presents Oprah’s Your Life in Focus: A Vision Forward” where the two chatted about her “time of transition”.

Starting off, Oprah surprised one of her guests, Lisa, who is a big Kinergy fan with Hough’s appearance. Hough has been guiding the Kinergy fitness classes every Saturday.

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Without naming her divorce from Brooks Laich, Oprah asked Hough how her “transition” is going.

“I’m hanging in, it is a rollercoaster for sure,” Hough responded. “I am an eternal optimist and I think this is the most important time in history and I am so grateful that I am alive to be apart of this transition within the world. With the pandemic, with this race war, with everything that is going on.”

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“We are in a moment of transformation and I feel honoured I get to be a part of it,” she added.

Hough has been opening up about a lot of her struggles including her divorce and apologizing for her Blackface incident from 2013.