Queen Latifah is addressing wanting “Gone With The Wind” removed from streaming platforms due to the depicted racism in the film.

In an interview with AP, the actress and singer spoke of HBO temporarily removing the movie. “Let me just hit you with—yeah, ‘Gone with the Wind … let ‘Gone with Wind’ be gone with the wind,” she said.

Referencing Hattie McDaniel’s Best Supporting Actress Oscar win in 1940, Latifah spoke of how she wasn’t even allowed to sit in the auditorium because she was Black.

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“Even when she got that Oscar nomination, that Oscar award, they wrote the speech for her, the studio,”Latifah said. “You see this like — she’s crying. But there’s this, they didn’t even let her in the theatre until right before she got that award. Someone came outside and brought her into the auditorium. She wasn’t even allowed to sit in there. And then she had to read a speech that was written by a studio.”

She added, “You know, that’s not what the hell she wanted to say. And then after that, all she could do was play the same kinds of roles. They put her on the road. You know, a road tour. A tour on a road playing the same character, basically. But it was like she could either make $750 a week or make $7 a week. I mean, what was she going to do? So the opportunities at that time and the way that those in power in that business were relegating us and marginalizing us and not allowing us to grow and thrive after that was just terrible.”

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Things then turned to the current Black Lives Matter protests happening around the world, spurred by the death of George Floyd as the result of police brutality.

“This is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life,” she noted. “And it’s also the fact that it’s happening worldwide. It’s time, you know? it’s time. What an opportunity we have right now. I can only liken it to what it was like for me as a kid, as a teenager — young 20s, early 90s when there was apartheid in South Africa, and we weren’t with that. And rappers, we stood up and used our voices, and everybody used their voices.”

Latifah urged people to keep on fight for equality.

“This is the perfect storm, if you will, for the opportunity for change to come,” she added. “So we shouldn’t stop — we shouldn’t take our foot off the gas. I read this on something Viola Davis posted, and it was like a few different things in it. And it ended with ‘Don’t take your foot off the gas,’ and that has sat in my mind and that has been my slogan in my brain every day. We can’t take our foot off the gas. We can’t take our foot off, because if we do, it won’t change.”