The cast of HBO’s “Succession” had a virtual reunion hosted by Variety where they broke down some of the most important scenes in season 2.

The show based around the fictional Roy family who are part of the elite 1 per cent follows patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his corporation Waystar Royco as the family fights to take over.

Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy), Sarah Snook (Shiv Roy), Kieran Culkin (Roman Roy), Alan Ruck (Connor Roy), Nicholas Braun (Cousin Greg), Matthew Macfadyen (Tom Wambsgans) and J. Smith-Cameron (Gerri Kellman) also star.

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“I think he’s incredibly human,” Cox said of Logan. “That was a question I asked Jesse [Armstrong, creator] from the word go: ‘Does he love his children?’ He said, ‘Yes, he loves his children!’”

“I mean, he is not a tolerant person, Mr. Roy,” Cox continued. “That’s how he’s able to achieve what he’s been able to achieve — because he doesn’t give everything away.”

The Roy children have a bond of their own.

“I know that I’ve trusted these guys from the beginning, and it was just an implicit thing,” Strong said. Ruck added, “With the respect and the trust that Jeremy’s talking about, you can go anywhere. You can go anywhere from there.”

Season three of “Succession” was set to start filming in April, but due to shutdowns from the pandemic, nothing has started and no one knows when they will return.

Easily one of the most famous scenes from the hit show was “Boar on the Floor” which can hardly be put into words but quickly became a hot topic on Twitter when the “Hunting” episode aired.

“I thought you were just titanic in that scene. I remember the way you wheeled in the dessert trolley — or whatever was in that tray — with this glee and mania,” Strong said. “The show often goes into the absurd. That felt, in a very exciting way, like we were in this place that felt absurd, and it almost felt like we needed a safe word on the set, too.”

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Cox replied, “It’s funny you should say that, because that entrance was based on something I did 30 years ago in ‘Titus Andronicus’. Titus has baked the kids in a pie, and he comes on with his chef’s hat. I was wheeling this thing on, it had that kind of ludicrous out of this world dimension.”

They also spoke about Kendall’s press conference at the close of season two and what Logan’s half-smile could possibly mean.

“I can’t really tell you that,” Cox teased. “No, I can’t. It’s a secret.”

He continued, “The interesting thing is there are several things added to that smile. There’s pride, there’s audacity, there’s surprise, there’s respect, there’s devilishness — there’s so many elements to that. Also in the previous scene, the key thing is when he asks, ‘Is there any way I can run the business? Can I do it?’ Logan says honestly he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know if he’s a killer. Of course, what he proves to be in that scene is a killer. A little bit Robert Ford shooting Jesse James, but a killer, nevertheless. It’s a Mona Lisa Smile, so in a way, it’s open to so many interpretations, as it should be.”