Kelly Clarkson is starting Black Lives Matter talks with the viewers of her talk show.

Clarkson announced that members of her staff have begun to #StartTheConversation by sharing their own experiences with racism.

“It is an honest and sometimes difficult dialogue but we have always strived to be a show about connection and we want to walk the walk every day,” Clarkson said, “even when it is hard.”

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She then turned things over to her show’s staff, including associate producer Jasmine, who said she is “beyond angry.”

“How much more do we have to diminish ourselves for the feeling of safety from others?” Earl, the wardrobe supervisor asked.

Rubin, who warms up the audience, said, “One day, I am going to have to sit down with my sons. I am going to have to tell them that people are sometimes going to treat you poorly simply because of the colour of your skin.

“I don’t want to have that conversation with them.”

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“You can’t stand by. At some point you have to stand up,” Clarkson said. “Even if you do say the wrong thing, it’s okay, at least you learned from that.”

Clarkson then urged others to share their own stories using the #StartTheConversation hashtag.