Whoopi Goldberg spoke to Andy Cohen about systemic racism during an appearance on Sunday’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

Goldberg was asked what the first thing she thought had to happen to tackle the issue was, with the actress telling Cohen: “Racism is in the heart of the country, you can’t get away from it. Children are taught it without realizing that that’s what they’re learning.

“So the first thing that has to happen is people have to look at people and see them for who they are, not who they feel they are but for who they actually are.”

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Goldberg continued, “The good cops have to call out bad behaviour so we can get rid of the bad cops and re-teach police departments around the country how to police again because now they’re soldiers and we’re not at war.”

The “Sister Act” star also pointed out, “We have a guy who doesn’t believe that there’s institutionalized racism,” seemingly taking a swipe at Donald Trump.

She added, “Until we start admitting what we’re seeing… you don’t have to look far. Everybody has to say ‘yes, there is a problem and we want to fix it.'”

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Goldberg was later asked whether she’d heard from Drew Brees since responding to his comments on kneeling during the national anthem. Brees has now apologized for his remarks, and Goldberg said she respected that. See more in the clip below.