Daisy Edgar-Jones is stepping into the spotlight.

The “Normal People” star is on the cover of the new PORTER magazine and discusses the acclaimed new series, fame, and more.

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Daisy Edgar-Jones. Photo: Ben Weller for Porter
Daisy Edgar-Jones. Photo: Ben Weller for Porter

“I feel very lucky to have met Paul through this process,” she says of her co-star Paul Mescal. “He’s a wonderful, wonderful person and a very giving actor… He’ll be a friend for life.”

Talking about filming her intimate and realistic sex scenes with Mescal, Edgar-Jones says, “You need more protection because it is a stunt, with physical manoeuvres that you need to make look realistic – just like in a fight scene… Mentally, it’s a really vulnerable place to put yourself in.”

Edgar-Jones also reveals the advice on dealing with the spotlight that she got from her father, who was a creator of the reality show “Big Brother”.

“My dad had a really good insight into handling some form of spotlight… He gave me the ‘talk of doom’, he called it, which was something they used to do to ‘Big Brother’ contestants, where they’d give you a talk on what fame was like,” she recalls. “He was good at [saying], ‘Keep your head screwed on, keep your feet on the floor, don’t get too swept up in something; you’re still you, you haven’t changed, even if people around you might.’”

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Daisy Edgar-Jones. Photo: Ben Weller for Porter
Daisy Edgar-Jones. Photo: Ben Weller for Porter

She adds, “I really believe in the ‘fake it til you make it’ mentality. You know, you’re on Zoom and you’re trying to act really cool, but in your head you’re like [does an exaggerated grimace]. I have such a self-sabotagey thing, where a little bit of my brain is thinking, What if I just suddenly… [mimes slamming her laptop shut]?”

Talking about having to promote the show during the coronavirus lockdown, Edgar-Jones says, “It’s my first-ever press campaign [and] it’s a different thing when you can do it from the comfort of your bedroom, and then can go and have a cup of tea. It’s probably a nice way to ease into it, so if I have another one, I’ll know how to light myself, at least!”