John Oliver Responds To ‘Gone With The Wind’ Controversy: ‘Who Gives A S**t If Something’s Not On HBO Max?’

John Oliver is the latest celeb to respond to HBO Max temporarily removing “Gone with the Wind” due to the depicted racism in the film on Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight”.

The host referenced White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s comments after she said last week: “I’m told that no longer can you find on HBO ‘Gone with the Wind’, because somehow that is now offensive.

“Where do you draw the line? Should George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison be erased from history?”

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Oliver responded, “The answer to ‘Where you draw the line’ is literally always ‘Somewhere.’ You draw it somewhere. Also, HBO is not permanently pulling the movie—it’s going back up with additional context.

“And finally, who gives a s**t if something’s not on HBO Max? In fact, there may be no better way to obliterate all evidence of something’s existence than to put it on HBO Max, the only ash heap of history that costs $15 a month,” he added.

Oliver slammed Tucker Carlson once again, calling him a “one-man homeowner’s association” and a “f**king moron.”

His comments come after Queen Latifah also spoke about the “Gone with the Wind” controversy. See what she had to say in the clip below.

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