Alicia Keys just made her “Tiny Desk Concert” debut.

On Monday, NPR released the latest edition of their “Tiny Desk Concert” series featuring the 39-year-old singer-songwriter, which was shot back in February.

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Joined by her band members in the intimate office setting, Keys told viewers, “I just want to vibe out with y’all if it’s cool? We just have a little hang. We just have a little session. And I wanted to play a little bit and talk with you.”

After joking that it is “really a tiny, tiny desk,” the singer invited the audience from behind the scenes to join in while she sang her 2019 single “Show Me Love”.

“It feels so good to just be in an intimate space and connect with you. You know, there’s nothing I love better really,” she said. “I was just thinking a lot about how much we all just want to be shown some love, you know? And I think now, more than ever, it’s just a time where we need that love more than we ever needed it before.”

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During her performance, Keys also premiered her song “Gramercy Park” off her upcoming self-titled album ALICIA.

Revealing that the song is about the feeling of wanting to please people, she said, “So a lot of what I’ve been thinking about on my own personal journey is kind of how much we contort and conform and adjust ourselves all the time — with the best of intentions, by the way. It’s from the most beautiful place and we want people to feel us and know how much we care about them.”

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Explaining that we can “lose ourselves” in the process, Keys added that this is something that she has “personally experienced” through the years.

The Grammy Award-winning singer also treated the audience to a performance of her latest single “Underdog” and an encore performance of her 2001 single ‘Fallin’.”