Trevor Noah Wants To Know Why Rayshard Brooks Had To Die

Trevor Noah thinks it’s high time police reconsider how they approach arresting people.

On Monday’s “The Daily Show”, the host addressed the death in Atlanta of Rayshard Brooks, who was shot by police while being arrested for falling asleep drunk in his car at a Wendy’s restaurant.

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In a powerful monologue, Noah questioned why the police interaction with Brooks had to result in his death, and why the police needed to arrest him in the first place.

He noted that the police could have simply driven the 27-year-old home rather than escalate the situation with an inebriated man.

“People always say the same thing,” Noah remarked. “They go, ‘Well, if you didn’t do that, then you would still be alive.’ They say this s**t all the time: ‘If you didn’t do that.'”

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“But the truth is, the ifs keep on changing. ‘If you didn’t resist arrest you would still be alive.’ Or, ‘If you didn’t run away from the cops you would still be alive. Well, if you didn’t have a toy gun and were 12 years old in the middle of the park, then you would have still been alive. Well, you know what, if you weren’t wearing a hoodie you would have still been alive. Well, you know, if you didn’t talk back to the cops you would have still been alive. If you weren’t sleeping in your bed as a Black woman, you would have still been alive.'”

Noah added, “There’s one common thread beyond all the ifs. If you weren’t Black, maybe you’d still be alive.”

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