If you thought “The Last Dance” was good, just wait until you hear it narrated by Olaf from “Frozen”.

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Josh Gad called in to “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Monday night. He was asked to narrate the hit Michael Jordan docuseries — as Olaf. Gad agreed and the results were stupendous.

“Hey, kids, it’s me, Olaf the Snowman and this movie is about how sports are fun and winning is no big deal. They start the game with a huddle, which is like a big hug between six men or more,” Olaf explains. “Hopefully more.”

“Should I shave my head? Seriously, good idea or bad idea? Maybe I should just… Let it grow!” he continued, singing “Let it grow” to the tune of “Let It Go”.

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Later on, Corden challenged Gad to identify which three people in a lineup of frozen screens were actually posing as frozen.