Martin Short shows that Jimmy Fallon is never safe, not even on his own talk show.

Short caught up with Fallon on Monday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show”. Short, 70, and Fallon, 45, reflected on their first meeting before diving right into the digs.

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Fallon teased that he has picked up jumping rope “in the nude.”

Short teased, “That is the first time you’d have realized having a small penis is an advantage.”

Fallon was locked and loaded with a comeback: “But what do you think I am using for the jump rope?”

The veteran actor also discussed his new Hulu true-crime comedy “Only Murders in the Building”. Short stars opposite Steve Martin.

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“What Hulu was doing was going after the coveted 70-95-year-old demographic,” Short joked. “So it’s kind of like Steve at the urinals, streams for 42 mins”.