Ferdia Shaw may only be 15-years-old, but he has big thoughts about animal cruelty.

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Disney+’s “Artemis Fowl” star caught up with PETA U.K. to explain why veganism is important to him. The Dublin native compared pets to farm animals and expressed his outrage with intensive animal farming.

“My dog has taught me that it’s really the simple things that can make her so happy. Like, all she needs is a family to love her,” Shaw said in the video above. “And my cat has taught me that she’s the boss.”

“It’s disgusting how they’re treated on these farms,” he continued. “They’re living in their own filth, and some animals don’t even ever see the light of day. In 50 years’ time, I hope that we will look back on our treatment of animals with disgust.”

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Other famous vegan faces include Joaquin Phoenix, Pamela Anderson, Forest Whitaker, Jessica Chastain, Woody Harrelson and Alicia Silverstone.