Andy Samberg And Cristin Milioti Are Caught In An Infinite Time Loop In Trailer For ‘Palm Springs’

A new comedy for the Hulu streaming service has taken the premise of a classic Bill Murray movie and ran with it.

A trailer for the upcoming Hulu movie “Palm Springs” finds Andy Samberg playing a guy named Nyles who’s caught in “one of those infinite time loop situations,” which finds him repeating the same day over and over ad infinitum in the same manner as Bill Murray’s Phil Connors did in “Groundhog Day”.

Things become complicated when Samberg’s character attends a wedding and meets a bridesmaid named Sarah (Cristin Milioti). They hit it off, with one thing leading to another. Just as they’re about to get intimate, a bizarre twist winds up sending Sarah to join Nyles in the time loop, trapped alongside him as they endlessly repeat the day together.

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As in “Groundhog Day”, Sarah makes numerous suicidal attempts to bring the time loop to an end, yet wakes up to the same day each time until, like Nyles, she becomes resigned to their fate.

“We just have to embrace the fact that nothing matters,” he tells her.

“Palm Springs” debuts on July 10.

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