Garth Brooks has some new music to share.

The country superstar made a virtual appearance on “Good Morning America” last week to chat with anchor Robin Roberts about his upcoming Drive-In Concert, which will be screened at 300 drive-in theatres throughout North America later this month.

During the interview, Roberts told Brooks that “any new music from you just makes my spirit soar,” leading him to reveal that he had a new song that he’d been working on.

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“I’ll send it to you this weekend, and you can decide what you want to do with it,” he told Roberts, who became visibly excited by the prospect of hearing Brooks’ latest.

True to his word, Brooks sent her the new song, “We Belong Together”, and Roberts made the day of his fans when she took to Facebook on Tuesday and shared that song.

The lyrics to “We Belong Together” are below:

Ain’t no wall can divide us, no matter how high
Ain’t no storm can untie us, for all it may try
We’re all leaves on the same tree, under one sky
Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise

It’s whispered by the wind to all living things
It’s in every sunrise, it’s what the wild birds sing
It shines new born eyes
Faces line and worn
It’s the tie that binds us all
And it won’t be torn

We belong to each other
We are sister and brother
Born to love one another

We are ancient stars turned flesh and bone
We’re all travelers on a bus ride home
Yeah we laugh and we cry
We rise and we fall
Yeah we fuss and we fight, but through it all

We belong to each other
We are sister and brother
Born to love one another

We’re all leaves on the same tree
Waves in the same sea
You and me, we belong to each other