Andra Day got incredibly emotional as she watched 12-year-old Keedron Bryant sing his viral song “I Just Want To Live”.

The pair spoke to Tim Kash on the new episode of iHeartRadio’s “Musicology with Tim Kash”, which aired Wednesday on Quibi.

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Bryant’s mom wrote the powerful track, which has been shared by numerous celebrities and has now got over 20 million views.

After breaking down in tears, which she insisted were tears of joy, “Rise Up” singer Day said: “He has such a bright spirit. You really are just a beacon of light and a beacon of hope. You can see that God has put that in you so powerfully.”

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“I just think about his mother,” she added. “I’m looking at him, this beautiful baby, and the fact that his mother even has to think about this — he should not have to sing these lyrics. I hate that you have to sing that, but I love you and I appreciate you for singing it.”

Lyrics to Bryant’s song include, “I’m a young black man/doing all that I can/to stand/Oh, but when I look around/and I see what’s being done to my kind/every day, I’m being hunted as prey/My people don’t want no trouble/We’ve had enough struggle/I just want to live/God, protect me/I just want to live/I just want to live.”

See more in the clip above and see more from Bryant and his mom below.