Rachel Lindsay spoke about Matt James being named the first Black Bachelor on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

Lindsay, who debuted in 2017 as the first and only Black Bachelorette, insisted: “I’m excited that there’s a Black Bachelor, I just want to say that.”

She added of her recent blog post, which called on the “Bachelor” franchise to improve diversity, “But I hated the timing of it because it does seem like a reaction to what is happening in our country.”

The announcement came after George Floyd died while in police custody, with the horrific incident sparking Black Lives Matter protests worldwide.

Lindsay said, “Did a man have to die in such a public way on a national stage for you to say now is the time for us to have a Black Bachelor? That’s what I hate, it’s taking away from this moment.”

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She insisted of her post, “What I wanted was some acknowledgment and some recognition that they’ve been wrong and part of the problem and that they’re going to vow to take the necessary changes to bring diversity internally and to more contestants of colour on the show,” but she did add that bosses had since responded.

“They actually did release a statement after they announced him saying that they’ve been on the wrong side of this and that they’re vowing to make changes internally and to have more contestants of colour.”

The reality TV star also admitted there was a “racist” contestant on her season of “The Bachelorette” but said most of the racism came from the audience.

“You need a person of colour in the decision room making decisions so that doesn’t happen to them,” she added of Matt James’ season.