Sarah Paulson has undergone a full-on transformation.

The actress was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday and talked about getting into character as Linda Tripp for the upcoming “American Crime Story: Impeachment”, about the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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After Kimmel noted that she and Tripp don’t actually look very much alike, Paulson admitted, “This is going to require a lot of things. I’ll be wearing a lot of prosthetics and body transformational accoutrements, if that’s a word I can use.”

The series was originally scheduled to premiere this fall but was pushed back due to the coronavirus lockdown. Shooting had been set to start two weeks before the pandemic hit.

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Paulson also talked about Tripp, who passed away in April.

“I don’t know if I ever would have met Linda, or if Linda would have even been open to doing anything like that,” Paulson said, “but I got as many text messages when she passed away as if I had died or if she was my best friend. People were like, ‘I’m so sorry to hear about Linda’ and I was like, ‘I’m really sorry to hear about it too, but I didn’t know her.’ And it was weird, because I had been spending so much time reading all these books and working with a dialect coach, so I was immersed in this. It was a very wild thing and it really did make me sad.”