Karamo Brown Praises ‘Paris Is Burning’, ‘Just Mercy’ For ‘Beautifully’ Depicting Racial Injustice And The LGBTQ+ Community

Karamo Brown has a lot of love for movies that make you think.

The “Queer Eye” star, 39, virtually sat down with IMDb’s “Take 5″ segment to discuss the two films he feels best represents racial injustices and the LGBTQ+ community.

“The film I feel best depicts LGBTQIA life for me is ‘Paris Is Burning’,” he explained. “It’s an old school film – a documentary – but it’s one of those films that… for me, growing up African American and having a lot of Latino friends… this is our community. We came together.”

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And Brown recognizes the impact that film has on culture today, “When you see shows like ‘Pose’, it’s based on ‘Paris Is Burning”. It’s that film for me that I wish so many people could see because the way that we read, the way that we have fun, the way we support each other, the challenges we got through.”

He added, “‘Paris Is Burning’ depicts that beautifully.”

When it comes to racial injustices, Brown says “Just Mercy” brings the real stories of racism into homes all over the world.

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“I think what is so beautiful about this film is that – first of all, it’s based on a true story – it shows you that people are thrown in jail for no reason, no evidence and it’s happening still to this day,” he began. “And people are living their lives in prison because they are Black. And what people have to understand, as they are waking up the Black Lives Matter movement, understand that this is real – this is happening today.”

He concluded, “I think when people see that they understand and they start to fight to help make a change.”

For the rest of June, viewers can watch “Just Mercy” for free in Canada from the Cineplex Store.

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