Kelly Clarkson And Nicole Byer Reveal Their Favourite Ways To Deal With Body Shamers

Kelly Clarkson and Nicole Byer know how to clap back at their haters.

Appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, “Nailed It” host Byer explained the title of her new book, “#VERYFAT #VERYBRAVE.”

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Byer said: “So when a fat woman posts a picture of themselves in a bikini or something revealing, the internet goes, ‘Oh, my God, you’re so brave,’ which is a fully insane thing.”

She told viewers how annoying it is when people call her “courageous” for wearing revealing clothing, just because of her body type: “Someone who wears a bathing suit to go swimming is brave? No, they’re just wearing the right article of clothing to do an activity!”

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The pair also shared their favourite ways of dealing with body shamers.

Clarkson said that she likes to ask her haters how they find the time to sit at home and rail on her: “Like, I don’t even know you, you could have just ignored it. I want your life if you have that much time,” she said.

Byer added: “I like that one, too. Another one I have is if someone calls you a cow, you turn around and ‘moo’ at them.”

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