Jimmy Kimmel is proving that it’s never too early to start thinking about your life goals!

After his five-year-old daughter graduated from preschool this week, the talk show host sat down with little Jane to talk about next steps.

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“You did a good job in preschool; have you thought about going on to kindergarten and continuing your education?” asks the proud dad.

Jane tells him that she is “scared and excited” to be taking the next steps on her educational path.

After discussing possible career options with his youngest daughter and weighing up her strengths, the pair decide that she could become a “running, spelling artist” one day.

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When Kimmel suggests she run for president, the youngster replies with an enthusiastic “Yes.”

“Do you know how to eat chicken nuggets?” he asks, with Jane replying, “Of course.”

“Well then, you’re qualified!” jokes the comedian.

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“Congratulations young graduate,” says Kimmel at the end of the video, before giving the little one a hug.

“I hope you make it through the first grade!”