Nick Cannon Says Gabrielle Union’s ‘AGT’ Racism Complaints Reflect ‘Systemic Issue’

Nick Cannon has addressed the controversy surrounding “America’s Got Talent”.

Months after former judge Gabrielle Union publicly criticized the show for racism behind the scenes, former host Cannon discussed the issues at the show.

Addressing Union’s complaints directly, he said her concerns reflect “a truly systemic issue in my mind.”

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Maintaining that he is “unapologetic” about his decision to leave the reality competition, Cannon told Variety, “I was never upset with any individual at NBC.”

“Everybody’s so caught up in making this massive great television show that they forget there are humans and feelings and cultural concerns. In making a show that big a lot of times the machine can get a little too big and people forget that there are people involved. Once you hit them with those four X-es, they’re shattered.”

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Talking about the support he tried to give contestants following their performances, Cannon said, “I would tell them ‘Don’t let that (‘AGT’ ouster) affect you. Don’t let that stop you. This is just one moment. This doesn’t mean anything about you or your gifts or your talents.’ Sometimes it takes a Gabrielle Union to remind people, ‘Yo, there’s humanity going on here.’“

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