Breland released a couple of emotional ballads in honour of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

The crooner debuted “Real Men Don’t Cry” and “A Message” on Friday, featuring R&B influence, about being a Black man today.

The anthems come just a month after protests erupted across the world in response to the killing of George Floyd.

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“A million things been on my mind / I smile and say I’m doin’ fine / Anything to keep it all inside / ‘Cause real me don’t cry / At least that’s what we tell ourselves / And hurt the ones that try to help / Wish that we could leave it all behind / That real men don’t cry,” he sings in “Real Men Don’t Cry”. “Go ahead, dry your eyes / Nothing’s wrong with you and I.”

In his second track, “A Message”, Breland addresses Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and others who have died at the hands of police: “How many murders ’til it really hits y’all / What it means to be Black and American? / The fact that you could overlook the fact is embarrassing … Took all this for y’all to act like you care again,” Breland raps. “You either part of the problem or the solution / And anybody can play a part in the revolution / You do it with your money, your ballot or your voice / ‘Cause at this point I don’t really think we have a choice.”

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“Many of us have been oscillating between inspiration and desperation over the past few weeks, and I haven’t always known what to do or say about it. Inside me at any given moment lie two distinct emotions: Rage & Sorrow,” Breland said in a statement about the new tunes. “We focus a lot on the rage because it makes us feel powerful, but without acknowledging the sorrow, sometimes we end up only hurting ourselves. It is okay to feel both of these emotions and to feel them deeply. The two songs I’m dropping tonight speak to my journey toward this emotional balance, and I hope everyone who listens finds similar peace.”

“Real Men Don’t Cry” and “A Message” are followup singles to this year’s “My Truck”.