Nicole Beharie had a rough time in Hollywood after being labelled as difficult.

“Sleepy Hollow” fans were shocked when Abbie Mills (Beharie) was killed off from the show in 2016. Beharie says she had health problems on the show but was not given the same resources to recuperate as other sick co-workers.

“My co-star and I were both sick at the same time but I don’t believe that we were treated equally,” she told the San Diego Tribune. “He was allowed to go back to England for a month [to recover while] I was given Episode 9 to shoot on my own.”

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“I pushed through it and then by the end of that episode I was in urgent care,” Beharie continued. “All the doctors, including the doctors that the studio was sending, were all confirming, ‘Hey, she can’t work right now.'”

She further explained the situation to the New York Times.

“Months ensued and I got a lawyer. I got my hours down and worked through it,” she explained. “But then I developed an autoimmune condition. I had C. difficile, which had me on eight different prescription medications.”

“Sometimes I think that some people I was working with didn’t like that I was unwell but loved by the audience.” Adding, “Everyone of colour on that show was seen as expendable and eventually let go”

Beharie, 35, was slapped with the reputation of being “difficult” and had trouble securing jobs from there on out.

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