Amy Schumer is offering up support after more cases of sexual misconduct against male comedians have been revealed.

Schumer applauded the “brave” women who have come forward, “especially the ones who weren’t of legal age to consent.”

While Schumer did not name comedian Chris D’Elia, he was accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls by Simoné Rossi and a number of others earlier in the week.

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D’Elia has denied any wrongdoing.

“There are great men out there,” Schumer added. “And there are men who humiliate and abuse women and girls because of a power dynamic or because when they were that age girls wouldn’t talk to them.”

Schumer said that no matter the reasoning behind it, “we won’t accept this behaviour whether you break the law or not.”

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D’Elia is far from the first male comedian to be accused of sexual assault, most famously Louis C.K. who admitted to the accusations against him.