The cast of “Riverdale” reacted to “baseless” accusations made against them by an anonymous Twitter account, which later admitted they were “lies.”

Over the weekend, anonymous Twitter accounts detailed allegations of sexual assault against Cole Sprouse, as well as co-stars Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa and Vanessa Morgan.

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Sprouse responded to the accusations on Sunday night, saying that he and his castmates had been “falsely accused.”

Reinhart later tweeted her own thread denying the allegations, writing that false accusations invalidate real victims who are “brave enough to come forward with the truth.”

Morgan also retweeted Sprouse’s tweets.

In her Instagram Story, co-star Madelaine Petsch spoke out against the accusations.

“Today it was brought to my attention that four of my castmates were falsely accused of sexual assault and I’m really unsure as to why anyone would ever think that that’s an ok thing to do. It’s so f**king [inaudible] and hard to go through and, as someone who’s been sexually assaulted, I have no words,” she said. “This is the reason why I was scared to come forward and talk about my experiences [inaudible] because I was afraid that someone would tell me that I was lying or that it didn’t actually happen and for someone to go online and falsely accuse somebody of that only to come forward a couple of hours later and say that they were lying about four different people is such a serious thing to do, like honestly, how dare you? Because this is the reason why victims are afraid to come forward in the first place. This is the reason why people don’t believe sexual assault victims and yet you’re out here doing this online.”

She continued, “I am so taken aback right now. My heart is really hurting for my friends and castmates who went through this today and I hope that everyone knows how serious it is to accuse somebody of that and I hope they understand the severity of what that does to people who have actually been through that. It takes away the power from the victims who have gone through this, takes away the voices of people who want to come forward and talk about their experiences because it just validates the whole narrative that people lie about this stuff.”

Camila Mendes also called out the accusations against her co-stars.

“It’s incredibly destructive to falsely accuse people of sexual assault. whatever point this person was trying to make about how quickly people believe what they read, it was not worth damaging the integrity of the me too movement,” she wrote to her  Instagram Stories. “It’s sickening and doesn’t prove anything except that there are twisted people in this world who have no concern for the consequences of their harmful actions.”

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Later, the account that tweeted out the accusations against Reinhart, Morgan and Apa sent out another tweet saying: “Do you see how easy it is to lie and you guys will believe it? Vanessa Morgan and Kj Apa didn’t do jack s**t. You will believe anything.”

Apa’s rep has “no comment” on the false accusations.