“Clueless” is turning 25 on July 19?! As if!

Actor Breckin Meyer, who played the skateboarding slacker Travis in the 1995 teen classic, virtually sat down with ET Canada to reminisce on the one secret even the film’s biggest fans wouldn’t know about the making of the box office hit.

“I was rushed to the hospital during the making of this movie,” Meyer said after explaining how he performed all of his own stunts. “Because as an actor when someone says, ‘can you skateboard,’ you say, ‘yes’ and when they ask if you can horse ride, you say ‘yes.’ So they asked if I could skateboard and I can, but I wasn’t that good at half-pipes and aerials.”

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So the comedic yes man rolled with the director’s punches and ended up breaking his foot in the middle of a take.

“So if you see at the end scene when Travis is talking to Ty and Cher, you don’t see my foot because there’s a big fat cast on it,” Meyer said.

“And another little tidbit,” Meyer continued. “Seth [Green] had the Travis skateboard for about 16 years in his backyard and I had to eventually hop his fence to steal it back.”

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And if that information doesn’t have you buggin, Green also auditioned for the role of Travis, which made us question what he was really doing with that iconic piece of movie memorabilia.

“Well, I had tried to get it put into a case at Planet Hollywood and they were really resistant to it so I was doing an ‘Oceans 11’ move planting the skateboard in a glass case and at one point I had a crouching Tiger fight with Sylvester Stallone,” Green joked to ET Canada. “Obviously it’s not publicized, but somewhere there’s gotta be surveillance footage.”

Green and Meyer now co-star in Hulu’s raunchy animated comedy, “Crossing Swords” streaming now.

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