Lin-Manuel Miranda Is ‘Energized’ And ‘Angry’ Like ‘Everybody Else’

Lin-Manuel Miranda feels he only has one choice when it comes to being an activist against oppression.

Miranda, 40, opens up to WSJ. Magazine about how he feels amid the global unrest of the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19. The Hamilton creator feels just like everybody else.

“I’m as OK and as fed up and as tired and as energized and as angry and,” he pauses before finishing, “I’m where everybody else is.”

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Miranda says he does not enjoy the responsibility of being a public speaker fighting the good fight; however, he can’t just sit back and write musicals.

“You want to put your energy into the thing you feel like you have a calling to do,” he says. “I feel I’m much better at writing a show than I am writing a tweet. So you want to put all the energy there. But the world, in the shape it’s in, doesn’t allow for exclusively that.”

“I don’t see a monastic way forward in which I can just quietly give you a musical every five years,” Miranda adds. “When I see things and they don’t leave me alone, and I can put effort into them through my megaphone or my platform or my money, I do that.”

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Miranda also shares lessons he has learned from the pandemic and the social unrest about racial inequality.

“I have to just give up the idea that I know what’s going to happen on the other side of this,” he explains. “I don’t know what the other side looks like. I don’t know what a second wave looks like in the fall.”

“I don’t know what this country looks like after Election Day,” he concludes. “I hope it looks different. I have to give up wrestling with that and wrestle with what I can answer.”

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