Don’t hold out hope for a second season of “Watchmen”.

In a new episode of Variety‘s web series “Actors on Actors”, the star of the HBO hit Regina King sits down virtually with Reese Witherspoon and is asked about the possibility of a season 2.

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“I don’t know,” King tells Witherspoon. “Honestly, I feel like I think HBO would want it back in a heartbeat, but if [showrunner] Damon Lindelof doesn’t see an entry point for Season 2, I think that the possibilities are infinite. But I feel that if Damon doesn’t see it, then it’s going to be a no for me.”

In March, Lindelof told Collider, “I wish that I had an idea for ‘Watchmen’ Season 2, and I really wish that there is going to be a ‘Watchmen’ Season 2; I just – we put it all on the field for Season 1. And every great idea we had, I was like, what if we just put that in Season 1 versus, ‘Oh, let’s stick it away for later.’ And so, could there be a second season of ‘Watchmen’? I personally hope that there is but I don’t think it should exist just because people liked the first season.”

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The tables also get turned on Witherspoon in the interview, and she talks about the possibility of a “Big Little Lies” season 3.

“I never say never, because we thought ‘Big Little Lies’ was going to be one season, and we had no idea we were going to go back,” Witherspoon says. “But I will say ‘Big Little Lies’ is one of the most fulfilling creative experiences for me. Just working with those women — Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Zoë Kravitz and Shailene Woodley, and now Meryl Streep — it was just a dream. Every day, I got excited to go to work. I couldn’t wait to improvise with Laura Dern, or Meryl Streep. Nicole is just a class-act partner, and that began my TV-streaming producing career.”