Logan Lerman has worked with some real icons during his career.

In the new episode of Variety‘s podcast “The Big Ticket”, the “Hunters” star recalled working with Heath Ledger on the movie “The Patriot” when he was just 7-years-old.

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“I just remember him hanging out with us a lot and trying to instil whatever he could into our young minds and it was really sweet,” Lerman said.

Another big star the 28-year-old has gotten to work with is acting legend al Pacino on “Hunters”.

“He’s just a sweet and disarming presence and he doesn’t like the attention to be on him or to be applauded,” Lerman said.

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“He likes to work and experiment every time he’s reading, and so do I. I just liked the collaboration right away,” the actor continued. “I mean, he has full control over the feeling in the environment and he puts everyone at ease and is just really sweet, and you’re just working with another actor who wants to find good moments and fully realize their character and the script together.”